Safety At Work    |Cotton Gloves|   Article No :   PE-CG-1317

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Cotton Gloves

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For basic work like food management, packing, etc. this medium weight, soft and supple, 100% cotton glove has fine fitting and conforms nicely to the natural hand movement. It provides the ultimate dexterity and allows the user to work in mild winter conditions. This glove can also be used as inner.

1) Electronics parts handling
2) Packing
3) Food handling
4) Home Improvement
5) Dusting and cleaning
6) As inner under any industrial glove. 


1) Two pieces pattern
2) Interlock knit contruction
3) 100% natural cotton 
4) Self hemmed style
5) Ladies/Gents sizes available
6) Weight 225-235 grams/dozen
7) Non bleached gray cotton


Available Colors