Safety At Work    |Hard Work Gloves|   Article No :   SS-200L-CS07-208

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Hard Work Gloves

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These supremely designed fingerless gloves provide you the sheer tenacity and the control you need to work fine in the smoothest manner.  With beige cowhide palm and split cow leather back, you can work with extreme dexterity. Its covered thumb and palm provide further control. It is stitched with non-melting thread, has a 7cm cow split cuff for wrist protection, and comes with a trendy brand identification embossed and printed on the back with knuckles that keep your hands secure. It is a fine product of its kind.

1) Metal Handling
2) Industrial Jobs
3) Rigging
4) Shipyard Work
5) Iron Work
6) Tool Pushing
7) Cargo handling
8) Heavy Machinery Operations
9) Assembly 

1) Fingerless hard work glove
2) 9-1.1mm beige cow hide palm
3) 7cm split cuff
4) Split leather back
5) Reinforced palm & thumb
6) Brand identification printing
7) Brand identification embossing at back knuckles

Available Colors