Safety At Work    |Hard Work Gloves|   Article No :   SS-200L-CS17-225

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Hard Work Gloves

Article No :


This professionally designed 3 finger pair of gloves comes with cow split palm to carry out work with extreme dexterity. It has thumb and palm covered for enhanced grip. Stitched with non-melting thread, it also has a 17cm cow split cuff wrist protection against unwanted hazards and additionally a fleece cotton lining inside to keep your hands warm and more functional. Moreover, it has a trendy brand identification embossed and printed at back knuckles to keep your hands in fine shape. Side hooks are available to keep the pair together. It is available in all desired colors.

1) Metal Handling
2) Heavy Industry Jobs
3) Rigging
4) Hot Metal Handling
5) Iron Work
6) Tool Pushing
7) Heavy Construction
8) Heavy Machinery Operations
9) Chain Pulling
10) Cargo Handling

1) 1.0-1.2mm cow split
2) 17 cm split leather cuff
3) Non melting stitching
4) Reinforced palm & thumb
5) Fleece cotton lining
6) Extended cuff
7) Brand identification printing
8) Brand identification embossing 

Available Colors