Safety At Work    |Simple Work Gloves|   Article No :   SS-100-GW07-001

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Simple Work Gloves

Article No :


This Simple Work glove performs more functions than its name. Made of high quality goat skin and cow split cuffs, it offers due adroitness, durability and extended protection. The brand identification printing at the back knuckles produces unique identification and the side hook is available to keep the pair together. This product is available in all desired colors.

1) Tig Welding 
2) Light Works 
3) Construction
4) Shipping
5) Forestry
6) Industrial Maintenance
7) Material Handling
8) Automotive
9) Framing
10) HVAC
11) Masonry
12) Roofing
13) Fabricating
14) Chain Pulling
15) Plumbing

1) Tig Welding 
2) Light Works 
3) Maintenance
4) Tool Handling

1) 0.6-0.8 goat skin palm
2) 1.0-1.1mm cow split cuff 7cm wide
3) Excellent softness
4) High dexterity
5) Guantlet Style
6) Keystone Thumb 


Available Colors