Safety At Work    |Simple Work Gloves|   Article No :   SS-100L-CS08-002

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Simple Work Gloves

Article No :


This Canadian style basic Rigger glove with split leather palm and knuckle protection bar, comes with multi colors striped cotton back and cuff, and blue hem that makes your hands more visible. It also has shirred elastic back for snug fitting, brand identification printing on the back and side hooks to keep the pair together. This product is available in infinite colors.

1) Tig Welding 
2) Light Works 
3) Maintenance
4) Tool Handling
5) Forestry
6) Chain Pulling
7) Roofing
8) Home Improvement
9) Multi Functional
10) Box Handling
11) Cargo Handling
12) Draining
1) Light Industiral works
2) Maintenance
3) Tools handling
4) Home improvement

1) High tear strength cow split
2) Abrasion resistance 
3) Excellent softness
4) Maximum fit and dexterity
5) Guantlet style
6) Wing Thumb 

Available Colors