Safety At Work    |Simple Work Gloves|   Article No :   SS-100L-CW09-003

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Simple Work Gloves

Article No :


This Canadian style Rigger glove comes with unique features and is ideal to conduct simple work. It comes with white cow hide palm and white cotton back and leather knuckle bar reinforcement enhanced grip; among other features similar to other simple work gloves, it additionally offers increased visibility, ease and flexibility. It is available in any desired color or combination.

1) Tig Welding 
2) Light Works 
3) Maintenance
4) Tool Handling
5) Forestry
6) Chain Pulling
7) Roofing
8) Home Improvement
9) Multi Functional
10) Box Handling
11) Cargo Handling
12) Draining
1) Light Industiral works
2) Maintenance
3) Tools handling
4) Home improvement

1) Regular Canadian style glove
2) 0.8-1.0mm cow hide palm
3) Drill cotton back
4) Blue cotton rubberized cuff
5) Fleece lining at plam
6) Guantlet style
7) Wing Thumb

Available Colors